All the information in the Topo Guru database are from different sources. Topo Guru cannot take responsibility for these information, however we make big efforts to collect the most exact and up to date information. We try to keep our database up to date, but the nature, the rocks and the environment always changes, so it cannot be guaranteed. We cannot take responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of Topo Guru database and application, neither for any injury or damage.

Our database is a climbing guide, not a climbing safety guide. We do not provide any instructions with regard to any safety aspect of climbing. You should always seek safety information before you go to a climbing area and get specific information about the crag you want to visit.

If a boulder or rock is included in the Topo Guru database and application it does not mean that you have the right to visit the place or climb there. Climbers have to keep in mind that there may be strict rules for visiting a crag and you always have to check the availability of the crag you want to visit. Please search for these information at the local authorities, associations or climbing groups. Sometimes rocks might be on private property, so always make sure you have the right to visit and/or climb on it. Please note that rock climbing, bouldering is an extreme sport and it is inherently dangerous, so there is a risk of injuries or death. You practice climbing at your own risk.

To be on the safe side, it is suggested to go through on a climbing course before you go outside.

Pay attention to safety in every type of climbing, apart from the fact that is a hard or easy route or that is bolted or not. Always be aware of the mountain rescue phone numbers.

If you think that some parts of the database are not correct, please send us a feedback and we try to amend it as soon as possible.