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Winter developments

During the climbing season our focus was on climbing and visiting new crags. We’ve had a great time and also met many enthusiast local climbers. These nice memories refilled our energy tanks, so in the cold and moist winter season we can put more efforts into development.

Probably most of you have realised that the iOS version of Topoguru app is not available at the moment in the Apple Store. The reason is that we have to fix some basic issues in the iOS version, so until the new release is under construction, the previous one is not in the Store for a while. But when spring comes with good climbing conditions, it will be available again! So you can navigate between the boulders with a new and nice app. The latest release of Android version is still available the whole year with some awesome winter crags like Varazze.

Besides the next release of iOS, we are going to update the Android also, based on your useful comments and feedbacks. Thanks for them! Hopefully you will like more the new versions with a better handling and design. And of course, you will find new crags and 100% covered, quality climbing guides also. Let us tell you the name of these crags later, you’ll get info about it soon